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Hello · よろしく · Terve! I'm a science writer living in Japan. Currently I do neuroscience-focused science communication and outreach at RIKEN, Japan's national science institute in the Tokyo suburbs. I received a PhD in vision science from the University of California, Berkeley. You might know me from Berkeley/Oakland/San Francisco, Geneva, Helsinki, Mainz, Milwaukee, New Haven, Oxford, Pretoria, Quantico, Rota, Washington DC. Find my writing on Medium, my dormant blog about #scicomm at reflections and assorted science writing/journalism/research/open*/publishing/scholcomm links on Flipboard.

アマンダ・アルバレスは東京在住のサイエンス・ライターです。自然科学の総合的な研究所である理化学研究所で国際情報発信(英語)を担当しています。また、オタクが科学などを語るイベント「Nerd Nite Tokyo」を毎月、都内で主催し、参加者にビールを片手に楽しんでもらっています。国際広報に関心のある大学や研究機関の広報担当者が一堂に会するイベント「Japan Scicom Forum」の発起人と実行委員でもあります。


Japan Writers Conference (2019)

The 12th International Symposium on Primatology and Wildlife Science (2019)

World Conference of Science Journalists (2019)

Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology (2018): Social Media and Web for Scientific Visibility, Job Search, and More

Science Agora サイエンスアゴラ (2017): The art of short (stories)


@neuroamanda | neuroamanda at gmail
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Recent projects

Nerd Nite Tokyo 東京昆虫♥イベント Japan Scicom Forum
founder/producer of monthly science outreach event 〜食とアートとサイエンス〜 Insect Experience Day 2019-10-19 annual conference and meetups
Nerd Nite Tokyo Bug Japan Scicom Forum
Tiedekeskiviikko apostilb Coming soon
member and blogger, Finnish Association of Science Editors and Journalists plain-language summaries & annotation of research papers ...
Tiedekeskiviikko ** apostilb Yksin

Past work

Materials Research Society Bulletin: Materials researchers join historic March for Science—report from Tokyo (2017)

Neurographic: blog for the RIKEN Center for Brain Science (2016-2018)

Best Shortform Science Writing: quarterly curation of standout storytelling (2016-2017)

Institute of Molecular Biology blog: founding admin and writer (2014)

Physics Today: Eco-conscious cleaning with polymer beads (2014)

Figure One: science blogging (2013-2015)

Inside Science (2013)

Yale Medicine, Medicine@Yale (2013)

Gigaom: energy, big data, science, robotics, apps, tech... (2013)

Cancer Commons (2013)

Canadian Medical Association Journal: International consortium unveils numerous new cancer genetic markers (2013)

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: science, health, environment, local... (2012, AAAS Mass Media Fellowship)

Berkeley Science Review: editor (Spring, Fall) and writer (2012)

Scholarly publications

International symposium of Brain/MINDS: From structure to function. Neuroscience Research (2019)

Koso & Alvarez, The land of rising science communication: the first Japan Scicom Forum. Journal of Science Communication (2018) [日本語]

Alvarez & Wildsoet, Quantifying light exposure patterns in young adult students. Journal of Modern Optics (2013)

** Image by hine / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0