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Hello · よろしく · Terve! I'm a science writer living in Japan. Currently I do neuroscience-focused science communication and outreach at RIKEN, Japan's national science institute in the Tokyo suburbs. I sometimes blog about #scicomm at reflections and post science writing/journalism/research/open*/publishing links on Flipboard. In a past life I did a PhD in vision science. You might know me from Berkeley/Oakland/San Francisco, Geneva, Helsinki, Mainz, Milwaukee, New Haven, Oxford, Pretoria, Quantico, Rota, Washington DC.


@neuroamanda | neuroamanda at gmail
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Recent projects

#SciComAgora Tiedekeskiviikko Nerd Nite Tokyo
communication workshop at Science Agora サイエンスアゴラ2017 blogging for the Finnish Association of Science Editors and Journalists monthly science talks & drinks
#SciComAgora Tiedekeskiviikko ** Nerd Nite
apostilb Neurographic Coming soon
plain-language summaries & annotation of research papers blog for the RIKEN Brain Science Institute ...
apostilb Neurographic Yksin

Past work

Materials Research Society Bulletin: Materials researchers join historic March for Science—report from Tokyo (2017)

Best Shortform Science Writing: quarterly curation of standout storytelling (2016-2017)

Institute of Molecular Biology blog: founding admin and writer (2014)

Physics Today: Eco-conscious cleaning with polymer beads (2014)

Figure One: science blogging (2013-2015)

Inside Science (2013)

Yale Medicine, Medicine@Yale (2013)

Gigaom: energy, big data, science, robotics, apps, tech... (2013)

Cancer Commons (2013)

Canadian Medical Association Journal: International consortium unveils numerous new cancer genetic markers (2013)

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: science, health, environment, local... (2012, AAAS Mass Media Fellowship)

Berkeley Science Review: editor (Spring, Fall) and writer (2012)

** Image by hine / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0