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Hello/こんにちは/Terve! I'm a science writer living in Japan. Currently I do neuroscience-focused science communication at RIKEN, Japan's biggest research lab in the Tokyo suburbs. I sometimes blog about #scicomm at reflections and post science writing/journalism/research/open*/publishing links on Flipboard. In a past life I did a PhD in vision science. You might know me from Berkeley/Oakland/San Francisco, Geneva, Helsinki, Mainz, Milwaukee, New Haven, Oxford, Pretoria, Quantico, Rota, Washington DC.


@neuroamanda | neuroamanda at gmail
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Recent projects

apostilb Tiedekeskiviikko Nerd Nite Tokyo
plain-language summaries & annotation of research papers blogging for the Finnish Association of Science Editors and Journalists monthly science talks & drinks
apostilb Tiedekeskiviikko ** Nerd Nite
Neurographic Best Shortform Science Writing Coming soon
blog for the RIKEN Brain Science Institute quarterly curation of standout storytelling ...
Neurographic SciShortform Yksin

Past work

Materials Research Society Bulletin: Materials researchers join historic March for Science—report from Tokyo (2017)

Institute of Molecular Biology blog: founding admin and writer (2014)

Physics Today: Eco-conscious cleaning with polymer beads (2014)

Figure One: science blogging (2013-2015)

Inside Science (2013)

Yale Medicine, Medicine@Yale (2013)

Gigaom: energy, big data, science, robotics, apps, tech... (2013)

Cancer Commons (2013)

Canadian Medical Association Journal: International consortium unveils numerous new cancer genetic markers (2013)

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: science, health, environment, local... (2012, AAAS Mass Media Fellowship)

Berkeley Science Review: editor (Spring, Fall) and writer (2012)

** Image by hine / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0